About-stutteringjohnsWe are a group of writers and researchers from Ontario who love all kinds of recipes, in particular, low-calorie food recipes. Due to that, we decided to create Stuttering John’s considering that Ontario is stock-full of eating places that offer healthymenus.

Years ago, we got together in the hopes to create content that could be helpful for both locals and tourists. From that moment on, we have gotten around the city looking for tasty recipes and interesting eating-places to spend holidays and satisfy cravings.

With time, we have found out that the catering industry is emerging explosively in Ontario.

It was hard in the beginning, but we have been able to design and fill our website with interesting content. We talk about a wide range of food and catering service-relatedtopics but we focus on those that are healthier and convenient.

We decided to create a site based on food services in Ontario because we think that Ontario and Canada’s gastronomy is varied and could be of interest to many visitors. Likewise, we write articles and reviews to help people improve their eating habits even while at work.

We chose to emphasize healthy diets, as obesity rates have dramatically increased in Ontario. Today, many full-time employees and children suffer from this ailment because they consume high amounts of calories daily.

Given that most of the Stuttering John’s posts aim to help those readers with time-scheduling issues and overweight problems.

Today, we can say we have achieved the goal of creating a site that provides food options, pictures, and recommendations. Our main goal was always to give people information about gastronomy and catering services in the city in the easiest way possible. All the information we post is extracted from reliable sources.

Now, our next goal is to expand and reach other people in and outside of Canada. Therefore, we will keep on researching, going to restaurants and eating places, tasting dishes, reviewing, and posting quality information to all our readers.

At Stuttering John’s, we believe it is possible to stay fit without dieting.