5 Food Trucks that Serve Catering Food

Food Trucks

We always need food trucks to cater to events like weddings and family reunions. Today, many companies offer this service. In this article, we are going to talk about some of them.

The Taco Specialist

The Taco Specialist is one of the best food truck services operating in the Orange and Los Angeles County. What do they offer? Tacos of all sizes that make any party feel like a Mexican fiesta.

The steak and marinated pork they offer is perfect to cater to graduations,anniversaries, and corporate picnics.

California Cookout

California Cookout offers its services for corporate events, weddings, private parties, and high school sports banquets. They have plans for all types of events regardless if they are casual or private.

Some of their recipes include veggies and dip, bacon-wrapped dates, and a Nacho bar. They provide you with an online form for you to customize your menu.

Event Hosting Group

Event Hosting Group offers a very complete catering service because they provide a bar, chef, and waiters. Added to that, they include tables, chairs, and photography services when required.

If you are looking for a company to help you design the entire event, Event Hosting Group is the right one.

Smok’n Blues BBQ

Smok’n Blues BBQ is a good food truck company that specializes in on-site events. Among their culinary services, they have steak, appetizers, main courses, and Aguas Frescas. Additionally, they help with the planning of large events to be held outdoors.

Also, Mexican dishes like marinated pork and the popular roasted chicken are included in their menu.

The Wanted Taco

The Wanted Taco is another truck that serves catering food specialized in tacos. Their services are available for small and big events. Although they offer three services, their best specialties are the marinated pork and salsa bar.

As a bonus, they have included Central American dishes like Refried Pinto or Black beans.

Hiring the services of a food truck is very common today because they help in the organization of parties, events, and food catering. Always make sure to hire a food catering company that provides services according to the event you are planning to host.

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